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Pinterest is one of my favorite social media channels. It's a great way to keep track of beautiful pieces of art, compile theological resources, and get inspriation for day to day life. If you also like doing that please consider following me! I'd love to have you! Do you like Inspirational Posts: Holy Men [...]

Christ, My Joy

Christ, My Joy

Christ, my Joy Christ, my Strength Christ, my Hope Christ, my King Christ, my Love Christ, my Master Christ, my Shield Christ, my Fortress Christ, my Teacher Christ, my Healer Christ, my Minister Christ, my Redeemer Christ, my Victim Christ, my Way Christ, my Truth Christ, my Judge Christ, my Peace Christ, my Song Christ, [...]

An Unexpected Journey: On the 8th Anniversary of My Conversion

"Is Jesus real? Is Hell real?" I asked my friend incredulously. Before that fateful question, I had been going through a massive emotional and spiritual change. For some reason, I was discussing philosophy with everyone around me and looking into going to Church for the first time in my life for a "philosophical community" (not [...]